2107, 2021

Update regarding Water Outage for 3rd Lift

At approximately 11:30 we completed the repairs and started filing the 3rd lift canal. Water should be completely through to the end of the 3rd lift by 3:30 p.m. today, Wednesday, July 21st. Thank you [...]

2007, 2021

Water Outage For 3rd Lift Shareholders

3rd Lift Water Outage. On Wednesday, July 21st the water will be off from approximately 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. due to a necessary repair on the line. We will send out a notification when [...]

107, 2021


Stub Lift Shareholders On Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 we will be turning the irrigation water off on the STUB LIFT ONLY. We anticipate the water to be off from 5 a.m. until 6 p.m. due to [...]

206, 2021

Water Outage

Early this morning, June 2nd at approximately 12:15 a.m., an Xcel Energy Transformer blew up by our Power Plant which took our generator & main pumps offline. Xcel crews and Redlands Water & Power Crew [...]

604, 2021

Water In Date Monday, April 12th, 2021

Hello, The 2021 Irrigation season is almost here! This week we will be testing the pumps so you may see water in some of the ditches, most like Thursday, April 8th, or Friday, April 9th. [...]

803, 2021

Voting Results and Shareholder Information

Your Board of Directors approved asking the shareholders to increase the annual assessment to $200.00 per share, at the November 2020 Board of Directors meeting. Correspondence asking for a vote concerning this increase was sent [...]

2209, 2020

Power outage affects 2nd Lift water

We experienced a power outage this morning, September 22, 2020, at approximately 3:45 a.m., taking the system down. The water was restored within two hours. The water levels should be reinstated by 3 – 4 [...]

309, 2020

2020 Water Out Date

Redlands Water & Power Company has determined that Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 will be our "Water Out" date for this season. We will be removing water from the Power Canal on the same date to [...]

2707, 2020

Water Restored

Update on water outage: Thursday, 07/30/2020 Update on water outage: Repairs were completed on the generator and we started putting water into the main lift, and stub at approximately 1 pm Thursday, July 30th and [...]