Your Board of Directors approved asking the shareholders to increase the annual assessment to $200.00 per share, at the November 2020 Board of Directors meeting. Correspondence asking for a vote concerning this increase was sent to all shareholders in mid-January, with a February 28th deadline.

Voting Results for the 2021 Assessment to be set at $200.00 per share:

Total Shares (Votes) received                                                       2979

Votes received against the 2021 Assessment Increase          608

Votes received for the 2021 Assessment Increase                   2371

The 2021 assessment increase passed and will be set at $200.00 per share.

Voting Results for the Election of Directors:

Bruce Mau was elected 1st Lift Director

Patti Chamberlain and Dave Traylor were elected Director at Large.


Please take a look at our updated website:

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Board canceled the Annual Meeting with the concern of a limited number of attendants being able to be accommodated. Information that is normally presented at the annual meeting will soon be available on our website.

Introducing new payment options!

You can now pay your assessment with a debit or credit card (a convenience fee of 3.5% will be collected for each transaction processed). Visit our website and click the Pay Now Button.

We still accept payments in person by visiting our office. Cash, check, debit, or credit card will be accepted, as well as check by mail, or our office payment drop-box (to the left of the front door).

Dates and information to remember for 2021

  • Water goes in the ditches on Monday, April 12th, 2021 (subject to change due to weather).

Two weeks before starting the water back into the ditches for the season, water may be released for short periods to test the pumps and system. We highly recommend that you leave your headgate closed for at least a full day to allow ditches to flush out debris. Remember: it will take several days before everyone will get water.

  • Once the water passes through the headgate it becomes the shareholder’s responsibility for the water and the maintenance of the system the water flows through. Irrigation water is untreated and unfiltered. It is the shareholder’s responsibility to filter the water as needed.
  • All Annual Assessments are due by May 1st, 2021 – Unpaid shares will be forfeited.
  • Water will be taken out of the ditches on Monday, October 11th, 2021 (subject to change).

Please call or email us to provide:

  • updated Home Owner Association contact information
  • a phone number in the event we need to contact you
  • information if you are the contact on a headgate